The Copyright Plugins for WordPress initiative will allow to millions of users to copyright their Wordpress website content by applying simple settings in the Wordpress admin section


Copyright plugin

allows to every owner of WordPress website to protect his content by a certified certificate with a digital timestamping

Every Copyright Registration

is transferred in real time to a Public Notary office and is sealed for life with a proved creation date

public notary

When your content is sealed by a public notary, you can prove the ownership of your work in more than 172 countries of the Bern Convention

How It Works

Plugin Installation and Activation

In order to use this plugin, you need to run a stand-alone WordPress installation.

Once you have the zip archive ready, you need to go to your Dashboard, which is located here, navigate to Plugins > Add New and, in the top menu, select Upload Plugin. Now, select the zip archive and just install it as you would usually do.

After plugin installation and activation you need to go to the settings page. Navigate to Copyright and activate your Copyright account or create the new account to begin using the plugin and protect your content.

Plugin Settings Page

You can change the following settings in the “Settings” tab:

  • Types that will be used for Copyright – choose what can be copyrighted;
  • Content category – choose your content category from the list;
  • Copyright notice – set the notice that will be displayed after copyrighted content;
  • Access to copyright settings – choose who will be able to see and change plugin settings;
  • Access to copyright registration – choose who will be able to copyright content;

Also, in “Settings” tab you’re able to see your actual plan and update it.

Copyright Content

Add Copyright for Single Post/Page/Media

On the adding/editing page you can enable copyright by checking the appropriate checkbox in the copyright block.

If there are copyrights available for this content, you will see the message.

Add Copyright for the list of Post/Page/Media

You can also enable copyright by checking the appropriate checkbox on the general list.

Appearance for copyrighted content

In the frontend there will be a notice after the copyrighted content. You can change the Copyright notice on the Plugin Settings Page.

Additional documentation for the Copyright Plugin for wordpress available here

Copyright History Page

On the Copyright History Page you can view the list of copyrighted content with such information.

  • Title
  • Type – post type;
  • Date of demand
  • Status – download link for certificate;
  • Certificate – download link for certificate;
  • Protected document – download link for protected document;

Copyright plugin

allows to every owner of WordPress website to protect his content by a certified certificate with a digital timestamping


  • Why choose Copyright Plugin for WordPress?

    Because we are a specialized company in Copyright Registration and we are legally recognized for registering copyright and store proof of registration. With a network of more than 50 sites worldwide, Copyright has been providing online registration and legal proof for over 100,000 creations, designs, website, contents, and projects, per year.

    Additional documentation for the Copyright Plugin for wordpress available here

  • What’s the legal value of a creative work deposit by this Copyright Plugin?

    Our deposit system of creative work has already proved its efficiency to our many clients who had to appeal to justice. Each trial has been won thanks to CopyrightWeb,efficient and reliable. We provide a certain date and a certification by a public notary which allows proving the anteriority and the belonging of the creative work.

  • Is there a maximum size for a deposit?

    No, it’s depending on your needs, we register and store any file, even if it’s more convenient to limit the size of your deposit for the web transfers.

  • Does the deposit prevent from counterfeiting your creative work?

    Yes, the public notary deposit is a real legal proof that can prove the anteriority of your creative work (thanks to a certain date). It’s essential to register any creative work if you wish to make juridical action against a counterfeiter.

  • Is my Copyright registration valid abroad?

    Yes according to the Bern Convention in 172 countries, the value of a deposit in one of these countries is automatically extended to the other 172 countries.


For my wordpress blog, I register a copyright!
Thank you your plugin is very helpful, i can write and proof my ownership on my content!

" Barbara Finestone Writer

To protect my programming blog i use Helpful to
discourage the copy from another websites.

" Brad McCain Programmer

The unlimited plan of allow me to protect all my photos and articles from the copy and theft.

" Albert Mitchel Photograph

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